Monday, May 16, 2011



TAB & Video & Lesson Baru

Sorry la kalau aku senyap jek. I’ve been very busy (as always). For one thing, I’m one of the lead engineers for one of the projects for my company. So by the end of the day, aku usually penat, malas nak pikir benda lain. And there’s a lot of pressure too since the economy is still bad, so we have to do the best we can for whatever project we get.

Last month aku released lesson barre chords tu. I’m telling you, each time I do something, it’s a lot of work, because I put a lot of effort in it. And by the time I’m done, I’ll be exhausted. Mesti aku malas nak pikir pasal benda tu for a bit. So yeah, every time aku siapkan satu material, I need to take a break.

Anyway, malam ni plak final exam untuk class yang aku tgh amik. I’ve been practicing on that.

Other than that, TAB baru dah pretty much siap. Tinggal nak polish sket, which I’ll do after releasing the video. I can’t wait to do the video. Pikir-pikir balik, last time aku release full song punya TAB and video was about a year ago. That’s too long.

So besok aku akan start process recording. It’ll take some time, since as always I wanna do it better than before. Aku nak try a few recording and mixing techniques yang aku dah discover or think of.

This time aku nak buat recording approach yang lain sket. First, aku akan record draft dulu. Very rough draft. That way bila aku record any part, I’ll have a more realistic backing track to play with. And then from there aku akan decide on recording order, which instrument should be recorded first.

For each instrument, aku plan nak spend satu malam (after keje and before masak) cari recording setting yang aku suka untuk instrument tu. Practice, and besok baru record. The next day repeat the process for another instrument. And this time aku akan try pakai mic untuk record acoustic guitar gak, not just relying on the pickup. I’ll mix the sound from the pickup and mic.

It’ll take over a week just to record. Pastu aku akan spend a few days mixing the sound.

Lepas tu aku ingat nak record a short lesson jugak, sebagai suppliment untuk video tu. So after the video of me playing the song, I’ll give a short lesson on one aspect of it, tailored for beginners.

And then put everything together and release the video. Pastu baru polish TAB and release it. I hope i’ll get it done in a month or so (since after that aku nak amik vacation).

I’m telling you, I can’t wait. I’ve been listening to this song intensively for the past couple of months. Beribu-ribu kali aku ulang. Bila aku take a break at work untuk isap rokok, mesti aku pasang lagu ni, and think about how the video should be.

Oh, this video will feature two of my new guitars. :P I’m crazy. In April I bought two guitars. And I want more. :(


Pasal Requests

I hate to say this, but aku memang takde masa nak tunaikan requests. As you can see from above, it takes time for me to finish anything. And for your information, since the last time aku released a TAB, aku dah buat TAB for a few songs. But I ended up abandoning the projects, at least for the time being. Tu la, aku selalu camtu. Dah focus betul-betul, sometimes aku ilang minat kat lagu tu. Sometimes it’s just too hard and very tiring, sometimes I just lost interest. So it’s important untuk aku buat apa yang aku betul-betul minat, and aku rasa within kebolehan aku.

Your requests are good, I won’t deny it. But aku rasa for the time being aku patut focus on the songs that are already in my list for a long time.

I may do it some time in the future. But yang paling penting ialah korang belajar something, even from the song that you may not like. And don’t forget to check Baca archive discussion kat situ pasal cammana aku buat TAB.