Monday, June 6, 2011

Update: Tgh buat video baru

So recording is mostly done… except for vocal melody (on EWI). Dah record sekali, but I’m gonna redo it. Sama la macam bass, dah siap aritu buat balik semula. Well, EWI ngan bass ni bukan primary instrument aku. So I need to do so many takes just to get acceptable performance quality.

Deadline aku ialah weekend ni. I have to get it done by the weekend, no other choice. :( Hmm, not sure how I can get everything done. But most likely part lesson aku akan record in just one session. Maybe friday night or hopefully earlier. And then kena edit video (using Sony Vegas, yang aku tak pernah pakai sebelum ni).

Hmm.. we’ll see if it will be any good. I promise to get it done, but due to time constraint, I suppose I can’t promise a quality work. >_<

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