Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update: Download section dah siap


Yeah, I took so much time doing that. But it’s done. Now laju sket nak load page tu, since aku guna method yang baru aku belajar untuk track download statistics. And aku dah siap transfer semua artikel yang aku tulis untuk setiap TAB dari blog aku tu.

The next section that I will work on is the Lesson section. Yang ni aku tak plan on just copy and paste ape yang aku dah tulis sebelum ni. Instead, I’m going to write everything from scratch. The bad thing is that it’ll take time. The good thing is that it’s gonna be more thorough, more complete, and easier to follow untuk orang yang takde langsung background pasal music theory. And aku plan nak divide section Lesson tu into two. Satu pasal theory muzik, satu lagi pasal practical knowledge untuk gitar.

I’m glad that I’m doing it now, instead of later. Aku rasa banyak gak aku dah tulis dalam masa setaun. It’s already getting disorganized. Kalau aku tunggu lagi baru nak buat, I don’t think I’ll ever have the will to do it.

At this time a year ago, seinggat aku aku dah released a few TABs. Yup, skrg dah February, aku tak release apa-apa TAB pon lagi. One of the reasons is that I took a vacation. Pastu I took too much time to decide which song to work on first. And then I got sick a little bit. Pastu nak buat website ni lagi. So many reason, valid reasons.

But this year, I think you shouldn’t expect too many TABs from me. Focus aku taun ni aku rasa aku nak educate more, instead of spoon feeding y’all with the TABs. That won’t make me very popular, since aku rasa kebanyakan orang nak belajar main lagu jek. But that would be such a loss. Sebabnya kalau sekadar belajar lagu jek, you’ll learn the song, but you won’t really learn music. And aku banyak terima request. I appreciate that. In fact, I feel honored. But I’m just one guy, doing this part time. But if you learn music, instead of just songs, you’ll be more equipped to learn any song you want in the future, on your own. That’s a lot more valuable. That’s a better impact that I can make.

So yeah, taun ni aku akan still buat TAB. But aku akan focus lebih sket on educating people, particularly newbies.

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