Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy busy busy…

Well, kalo korang Facebook friend aku, you’ll probably know why I’m busy right now. Actually, aku dah agak aku akan busy la aku mengelabah buat last video aku tu. That’s gonna be the last one for the year.

So, right now aku busy dengan visitors. Tak penah penah orang kampung datang sebelum ni. I’ll also be busy settlekan ape-ape yang patut sebelum hujung taun (like using dental insurance etc).

Actually aku estimate aku akan busy until January, but then aku tak dapat nak register class gitar yang aku tgh amik ni next semester. The only open class is Jazz Band. Nak masuk class tu kena audition sume. And I don’t know anything about Jazz. So I’ll be busy preparing for that, although I really doubt that I’ll pass the audition.

And kalau pass pon, I’ll have to be working more on learning Jazz, since I’m really not familiar with the intricacies of the style (I just know that it’s really hard and has heavy emphasis on music theory knowledge).

So skrg aku tak tau la bile lagi aku akan realease a new material. We’ll see. But just know that I’ll have to shift my focus on other stuff for a little bit. But I’ll still answer questions if I have the time, and if I know the answer.

And like I’ve been saying, aku nak move from blog tu website. Tah bile-bile la nak siap. But I have to do it. This is getting disorganized.

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