Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dah Balik (ke Amerika Syarikat)

Ok, aku dah balik. Actually dah kat dua minggu aku balik. A few things aku nak share.

Kaum Kerabat

First skali, aritu aku add a very talented guitarist, Azilah on my FB. Found her on YouTube gak. And interestingly, makcik aku nampak dia add aku, but makcik aku tu takde dalam list aku. And then only I found out that my auntie and I have a few mutual friends on FB. And more interestingly, I only found out that she’s a rocker. Ha ha, I didn’t know that about her, didn’t expect it either. Not only is she a rock fan, her husband and her has a band, called Rawkatooa. Check them out. Haha, usha-usha album dia, ade gamba dia ngan Karl Cromok. Apparently she’s jammed with him.

On my last day there I got to catch up with her. That was nice.



So, one local guitar legend recently expressed his interest in working with me on TABs for his music. Since nothing is confirmed yet, I won’t name the person. And I guess it’s unlikely for it to happen, since aku dok US. Due to the complexity of his music, it might make more sense that I be right in front of him, watch his demonstrations, and take notes to produce the most accurate transcription.

Whether it will actually happen or not, I feel honored already that someone of his status takes an interest in what I do. Whoever ends up working with him on the project I hope will do justice to his music. I’m excited about the possibility that there will be professionally produced TABs of local music in the market. Like I mentioned before, we lack quality TABs like the ones Hal Leonard produces for western artists. And that is why I do what I do here, so you guys can have a decent reference, like I had when learning Metallica songs from official songbooks back then.


Tajuk Lagu

Aku pon sempat la singgah kedai CD, cari CD-CD lagu melayu. And terfikir pasal lagu Intan tu. Cari album Belenggu Irama takde plak. But ade satu album compilation tulis tajuk dia like the following.


So that’s the 4th way of writing it. Well, it makes sense too.

And aku beli CD compilation Search. Balik rumah baru perasan. Check this out.


Lailamu Nama Teratas? WHAT THE #$%@? I mean, come on. That doesn’t make any sense. The only way to interpret it is that Lailamu itself is a name, not just Laila. That means, somebody named their daughter Lailamu binti ….. What the hell? And it’s not just a one-time typo. Kalo bukak booklet dia pon tulis camtu. Gee, pay attention to detail for God’s sake!! Konon “Tulen”, “Original”. Come on!!! I’m not a pejuang bahasa. I just want things to make sense.



Sebelum ni aku cakap aku ade satu jek Electric Guitar, well, I lied… partially. :P Actually aku ade satu lagi EG, but kat Malaysia la. It’s a Korean Epiphone Strat. Color silver metallic lagi. Ha ha, so 60’s. :P Here’s me opening the case for the first time in over 8 years.

I would think that tali ade yg dah putus, considering how the humidity in Malaysia would rust and weaken the string structurally pretty quickly. But no, they’re all intact, walaupon dah loose gile. But knobs sume dah keras. Sure karat gile kat dalam. Pickup switch pon tak berfungsi ngan betul.
Hmm, someday I’ll change all the pickups and hardware and restore this guitar.

Oh, satu lagi. Aku sempat singgah Bentley Music kat Bukit Bintang. Well, this time at least nobody from the store followed me everywhere and watched my every move. But maybe tu sebab aku tak pegang gitar dorang la kan.
Aku usha gitar Taylor kat sane. A Taylor 110CE is around RM3700. Maknanya gitar acoustic aku (114CE) mau RM4000 kat Malaysia. Pergh!


Lagu Baru

So I’m working on a new song. Well, this time it’s not a secret. I’m working on Belaian Jiwa. Yeah, lagu ni bukan gitar intensive. But it’s a nice song indeed. And chord progression dia quite interesting. There’s plenty to talk about when I’m done with it.

And I’m gonna try something different on this one. We’ll see.


  1. semua sangkut. Kak Ati n Husband aku kenal through forum dan multiply. Azilah through Youtube.

    Sangkut sangkut sangkut......

    p/s: Mana mau cari drummer perempuan nyanyi lagu Maiden? Kak Ati la.....

  2. assalamualaikum, saya pernah jamn ngan Kak Ati dulu tai terputus hubungan, ada x fb dia ?