Friday, December 18, 2009

Q&A: Gitar-gitar Aku

Q: bro tu gitar ibanez RG tremolo series kan..

 A: No. It’s technically not an RG Tremolo series.


Make: Ibanez
Model: Ibanez RG390GXPL
Year: 1998
Origin: Japan
Finish: Pearl White
Body Material: Reasoncast
Neck Joint: AANJ
Bridge: TRS101 Tremolo
Pickguard: White Pearloid
Neck Material: 1-Piece Maple
Neck Type: Wizard
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dots
Frets: 24/Jumbo
Pickup Config.: HSH
Neck Pickup: IBZ V7 (stock), DiMarzio Breed (current)
Middle Pickup: IBZ S1 (stock), DiMarzio Area ‘58 (current)
Bridge Pickup: IBZ V8 (stock), DiMarzio Evolution (current)

Ibanez 1998 Asia Catalog

This is currently my only guitar. Kalo tak silap aku beli taun 1999 kot. First time aku nampak kat Bentley Music, kat Bukit Bintang. Menyampah gak aku ngan kedai tu. Bile nak try jek mamat kedai tu perati jek. I have to admit, mase aku usha dulu, I just love how it looked. It looked kinda like Steve Vai’s JEM7V, but cheaper.

Since aku menyampah ngan Bentley Music, aku pon gi la ke kedai piano kat Jalan Genting Klang. Aku mintak uncle kedai tu ushakan kat supplier dia bape inggit harga gitar ni. At the end, dia jual ngan aku like RM300 less than Bentley punye harga. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it’s over RM1500 kot.

Zaman tu takde lagi Indonesian, Chinese or Korean punya Ibanez. And mase tu takde category RG Prestige, Tremolo, Fixed etc. So aku punya ni made in Japan la. Sekarang kalo nak Japan made punya kena angkut Prestige la. So to answer the question, my guitar does not fall into any of the current RG categories.

One thing that I found about this guitar recently is that it’s quite rare. That’s what a lot of people online said. Of course it’s not “expensive” kinda rare.

Now, since aku dok kat US, dah jadi engineer, I can totally afford a better guitar. But I don’t want a new and better electric guitar yet. I love this RG, it has served me well all these years. In 2008 aku tukar sume pickup gitar ni. The cost was almost half the original cost of the guitar. But it’s worth it.


So far aku takde acoustic guitar lagi. :(

Tapi kalo aku nak angkut acoustic guitar, there’s only one brand that I would consider buying: Taylor. I don’t want an Ibanez, Martin & Co., Fender, Ovation, Takamine or whatever. It has to be a Taylor.


This is the one I want. Taylor 214CE electro-acoustic guitar. Kat kedai dalam US$800 kot. Well, since economy tak best skrg ni, I don’t feel like spending that much on a guitar yet. Maybe later.

But yeah, it has to be a Taylor. No other brand does it for me. The sound is just perfect for my taste. First time aku denga brand ni mase kat university dulu. Mase tu aku amik class Beginning Guitar. Saje nak score A. :P Classmate aku sorang tu annoying gile. Main tak reti, tapi poyo gile. He had a Baby Taylor guitar. Although he sucked, the tone of the guitar itself was just beautiful.

Taylor is not cheap. Their lowest end, the Baby Taylor is US$250. But even their low end model sounds great.



After more than 10 years without one, I finally have an acoustic guitar. I decided not to buy a 214CE because it would end up being too expensive. So I bought a slightly-used 114CE, with a hardshell case, for the amount I won’t disclose for the time being. I love it. :D

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