Friday, December 18, 2009

Upcoming Work: Sejati (Updated)


Ciss. Aku ingat nak record video weekend ni. Skali tangan sakit la plak. The reason is Isnin lepas aku tuka tali gitar to d'Addario yang tebal sket. Since tak biasa lagi, jadi sakit gile plak tangan aku. So arini aku switch back to Ernie Ball Super Slinky. I guess kena tunggu Christmas break baru bleh record. Just wanna give it a few days until I'm sure the strings can stay in tune.

So for the time being, aku release chords dulu.

This is not exactly the same as the one you find online made by Mr. Syazwan. The first difference is that version aku chords untuk intro and solo are included. Intro and solo are the only places where you see the EbMaj7 chord. Chords part bridge pon aku pakai chord lain.

Another difference is that even though Bb and A# refer to the same thing, there's no such thing as A# in the key of F major/D minor.

D minor = D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C,

not D, E, F, G, A, A#, C.


Guitar Pro tab Wings lagu Sejati dah siap. For GP tab, aku buat intro ngan goreng jek. Chords for the whole song pon dah cari.

Hopefully in a week aku siapkan video aku main lagu tu plak. Lepas dah release video baru aku akan post the GP tab, chords, mp3 backing track, etc. I’ll post the update later.

For the time being korang boleh usha demo track aku buat.

Dalam track ni korang boleh dengar comparison part intro yang aku buat ngan original recording. Kalo ko pakai headphone lagi bagus. Left channel original recording. Right channel track yang aku buat. Part guitar tu bukan aku yang main, tu computer synth, based on the GP tab.

By the way in the middle korang boleh dengar kedua-dua channel to off sync sket. Well, the original recording was played by human beings.

I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing track that I make are for educational purposes only.

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