Monday, January 4, 2010

TAB: Srikandi Cintaku – Bloodshed

Another masterpiece by M. Nasir. To me this song is beautifully written. It has good melody, and very artistic lyrics. The man deserves datukship for his body of work in my opinion.

Like I said, this is much faster than I anticipated. Next time it’s not gonna be this fast. Maybe at least a month after now baru aku come out with something new.
So ni tab dia untuk part middle solo ngan ending solo.

Part yang aku paling suke dalam tab ni is actually the Pizzicato Violins. :D It’s… well… cute. :P Pizzicato ni maksud dia “plucked”. So kalau pemain violin, viola, cello or double bass bace score dia ade tulis pizzicato, dia akan petik tali tu instead of using the bow.
And here’s the synthesized backing track. And as a bonus, backing track ni takde nyanyian aku cam dalam video tu. :P

Just so you know, GP tab tu tempo dia aku tulis 73bpm. But backing track ni 72.5bpm, close to the original recording. Not that different, but I thought you should know.
So, mase aku first cari chords lagu ni, aku try la cari part verse dia. And then baru teringat, I haven’t checked what other people share online. Aku usha-usha, satu jek yang aku jumpe yang pada aku boleh diterima. It’s done by syukur_007. So rather than reinvent the wheel, might as well use that one. So I give it my seal of approval. But since aku tak setuju 100% with the chords yang dia share, I made some changes. That’s what you should do too, decide for yourself what works. Here’s my revision.

Please note that kalo M. Nasir, the man himself in his own recording did it in A minor key. So kalau play along ngan M. Nasir punya version, transpose everything to A minor key.
And if you ever wonder why it’s taking me so much time to come out with a short tab and other materials, and the fact that I don’t produce full tabs/backing tracks, here’s why.

As usual, left channel is the original recording, right channel is my synth version. Lagi bagus kalo dengar pakai headphones.
As you can hear for yourself, it’s pretty damn close to the original recording. There’s no software that can automatically convert the original recording to the materials (tabs, backing tracks etc) that I produce. Everything had to be rewritten manually. And aku ni obsessed sket pasal making it as close as possible to the original. That’s why part middle solo tu aku siap tulis balik the pizzicato violins.
And normally bile aku buat tab, there are at least two things yang aku memang akan try copy the original note by note: Guitar and Drums, since they are among the easiest instruments to hear. But for this particular work, I gave the bass guitar a little more than I’d normally do.
Video bawah ni aku share tip yang aku rasa paling penting untuk cari lagu. Maybe later aku akan tulis sket pasal basic berkenaan dengan key untuk sesape yang tak tau.

I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing track that I make are for educational purposes only. 

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