Wednesday, August 24, 2011



So aritu aku cakap aku akan pegi vacation. Almost right after aku released the last video, I went on a 3-week vacation around Southern California. Here are some pictures and video that you might be interested in.

Lawatan ke Kubur Randy Rhoads


Lawatan ke Kilang Taylor Guitars

Kalau Nak Add Aku

Kalau nak add aku dalam FB boleh. But bila add tu, please tulis "GSHBB" dalam comment box. That way I know who you are. Otherwise I may reject the application. See, I have quite a lot of people adding me. So usually sebelum accept aku akan check profile orang tu, tengok ade tak gambar gitar ke, atau under "interests" ade berkaitan dengan gitar. Kalau takde, I might not accept, unless I know the person. I don't indiscriminately add people anymore. So please, tulis something that can help me identify you. I'm trying to avoid from adding people who have no business adding me (even if you're a hot girl). It annoys me that some people just browse through their friend's friends list and randomly add people.

And please, jangan tag aku dalam gambar product yang korang nak jual. And absolutely no tagging me in pictures of money. I know what pyramid scheme is, and I'm not broke.

Lagi satu, I tend to be outspoken. Yeah, I like music. But I like philosophy and critical thinking more. I may comment on current issues and criticize stupidity. You're free to challenge my views, I welcome ideas, even if I don't agree with them as long as they have intellectual values. You may find what I write to be offensive. But I don't just say things blindly. I was the best student in Critical Thinking class for a reason. ;)
So, you've been warned. Add me if you accept the conditions. :D

Next Project

For the past few weeks aku dah buat mental preparation untuk next video. The next video bukan untuk TAB, so aku takkan main lagu. Instead, aku plan untuk buat lesson. The subject I'm guessing most players dah tau. But it's really intended for beginners, who may not know it yet. And I'll try to make it informative enough that even orang yang dah tau teknik tu pon might find it interesting. It's gonna be long, and it's gonna be unlike the lessons on that subject that you can find anywhere else.

And at the same time I'm also trying to learn piano. Honestly, since last video aku tak main pon gitar. I've been playing piano a lot, and recently aku baru masuk class. And class ni pon aku signed up as total beginner. But instructor aku dengar aku main dia persuade aku masuk class level atas sket. I donno if I should, but I'm practicing intensively to see if I should. Right now the video project is on hold. Tak tau la bila nak sambung. :(


  1. BEAN...aku minat sgat aku main bass...boleh x kau ajar aku main bass???

  2. asalam mohd safiq izzat,

    lesson bass mungkin boleh ko usha2 kat youtube.. and maybe ade blog atau forum yg focus nya lebih kat bass.. so cuba cari aku rase mungkin ada and kite tau trick and skill boleh d tiru, so youtube salah satu platform yg baik gak.. ini pendapat aku.. sorry la kalau silap info.. =)

  3. aku baru perasan video ke rhoads memorial tu. Sekali Kamikaze Luhur dan Mentera semerah padi naik la.. hahahah

  4. Boss...nk ikut lit susah..mcm mne nk blajr lbihh senang