Monday, March 21, 2011



Since last time aku buat short TAB, I’ve been doing several TABs. But satu pon tak siap. As usual, buat separuh jalan, lost interest. Switch to something else. And it goes on and on. And recently, aku decided to do one song, that I really love. Buat lagu yang aku betul-betul suka penting untuk maintain focus.

But buat separuh jalan, gitar RG aku tali putus plak. And I’m taking the opportunity to do some rewiring on it. After that kena hantar ke Guitar Tech untuk setup. Not sure how long that will take. But I prefer to use that guitar to do transcribing work, since stand dia kat sebelah meja aku jek. JS dalam case.

And earlier this month, aku pegi beli satu digital piano. I’ve been wanting to learn the instrument for a long time. Finally decided on one. And this thing is pretty addictive. After spending a total of around 24 hours playing it, I made this short arrangement last week.

And at the same time I’m also trying to study Classical guitar some more. Nasib baik aku drop class Jazz, kalo tak lagi takde masa.

I think I should work on my next basic guitar lesson first. It’s been too long.

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