Monday, July 12, 2010

Perkembangan Terbaharu :P


Hmm, not sure if anybody’s waiting for the new song or not, well, at least I know one person is.

Anyway, aku baru  jek siap the very rough draft of Belaian Jiwa (innuendo version). I still have to do a couple rounds of intense listening to polish it.

Now, the thing yg buat lambat sket lagu ni, among others, is the fact that lagu ni although gitar instrument yg paling penting, it’s not that dominant. And it’s very dynamic: sometimes you hear every note loud and clear, sometimes you don’t. Lagu ni vocals are very dominant, especially part chorus. It’s understandable, since Innuendo ni vocals group.

So kalo tak denga ape nak buat? Well, fill in the blanks. So aku letak arrangement aku sendiri here and there, and making sure that it blends well with the rest of the song, that it sounds as if it’s the real thing. And that’s not particularly easy, at least not to me.

Lagi satu, pada pendapat aku, lagu ni dia tak record pakai satu layer guitar. There has to be at least two. Some parts are just impossible to be done with one guitar. But the thing is, aku tak bercadang nak arrange for two guitars, since like I said, the guitars are not that dominant. Aku nak arrange kasi boleh main satu orang.

So, aku kena balance ape yg aku boleh tangkap, and ape  yg boleh dimainkan sorang.

And what’s possible and what’s impossible to play is another thing. Maybe bagi aku certain part susah gile sampai aku rasa impossible, maybe bagi orang lain tak susah sangat pon. It’s not ok for me to limit my transcription by my own playing skills. So while doing this, I have to try it myself, and push myself to do things I’m not used to. Ni example.


At 65bpm, it’s not that easy to play that, while making sure that each string rings well, until the next chords. So mase transcribe bar ni, aku kena try different positions, to see which one makes the most sense.

Lagi satu challenge lagu ni is that they use a lot of “color” chords, not just your plain major or minor triads.

And bile dah siap TAB pon, ha ha, tak tau la bile boleh release. Kena practice guitar dulu. This song is not gonna be easy to play, I promise you that. Even your plain C major chord kena main lain sket dari fingering yg biasa. But when it’s done, there’ll be plenty to talk about. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

And then kena practice other instrument, to make sure I can produce what I have in my head. And there’ll be some singing too. :P But don’t worry, I’ll do everything to make it sound decent. And, to do this right, the mood has to be right for the song.

There are new things that I wanna try in this video. In fact, that’s the case for every video. I’ve always tried something new, I’ve always tried to make it better than the previous one, even things that not too many people would notice. There’s always room for improvement, there’re always new things to learn.

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